Privacy Policy

Advisory pursuant to and for the purposes of Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and consent related to the protection of handling personal information

14.1 D&T S.r.l. Largo Promessi Sposi, 4 20142 Milano, Italy, hereinafter called “Supplier”, protects the privacy of its customers and guarantees that the handling of the information complies with the requirements of the standard on privacy pursuant to Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003.

14.2 The personal biographical and fiscal information acquired directly and/or through third parties by the Supplier, owner of the handling, are collected and handled in hard copy, digital and electronic form in relation to the methods for handling with the purpose of registering the order and activating the procedures for execution of this contract with you and the related necessary communications, as well as fulfilment of any legal obligations and to allow effective management of business relations in the amount required to best complete the service requested (art. 24, subsection 1, letter b, Legislative Decree No. 196/2003).

14.3 The Supplier undertakes to handle the data and information transmitted by the Purchaser with confidentiality and not to disclose it to unauthorised persons, nor to use it for purposes other than those for which it was collected or transmit it to third parties. This information can be shown only on request from the legal authority or another legally authorised authority.

14.4 The personal information will be disclosed, following the signing of a commitment of confidentiality of the information itself, only to subjects delegated to fulfil the operations required for execution of the stipulated contract and it will be disclosed only for this purpose.

14.5 The Purchaser has the rights pursuant to Art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03, in other words: the right to obtain:

  • a) update or correction of the data or, whenever necessary, the integration of data;
  • b) cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or blocking of any data handled in violation of the law, including that data whose preservation is unnecessary, according to the purpose for which the data has been collected or subsequently handled;
  • c) certification that the operations indicated in letters a) and b) have been made known, also with regard to their content, to those to whom the data has been communicated or distributed, except the case in which this fulfilment is found to be impossible or causes the use of means which are manifestly out of proportion with respect to the protected right.

The interested party also has the right to object, either fully or partially:

  • i) for legitimate reasons, to the handling of personal data concerning him, yet pertinent to the scope of the collection.
  • ii) to the handling of the personal information for purposes of sending of advertising material, direct sales or for the task of market research or interactive commercial communication.

14.6 Disclosure of his or her personal information by the Purchaser is a required condition for the correct and prompt execution of this contract. Without it, the Purchaser’s request cannot be granted.

14.7 In any case, the information acquired will be kept for a period of time no longer than that required for the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently handled. The removal of the information will take place in any case in a secure way.

14.8 The owner of the collection and handling of the personal information is the Supplier, to whom the purchaser may address any request at the company headquarters.

14.9 Anything that may arrive at the address (even electronic) of the Centre (requests, suggestions, ideas, information, materials, etc.) will not be considered confidential information or data, must not violate the rights of others and must contain valid information which does not damage the rights of others. It must be truthful and in any case, the Centre will not be in any way liable whatsoever for the content of the messages themselves.