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For a free quote, regarding price and time required for the migration from OWB to ODI it is important to know the version we can manage :

  • For OWB : 10, 11 and earlier.

  • For ODI : 10g, 11g, 12c.

We require :

  • the mdl file of the exported OWB Project. Inside that file we need the Locations, the public/custom transformation, and the entire project. It is better to perform the export using the OWB dependency option (Export all object dependencies flag). Sometimes, during the export, the generated mdl file is not fully importable or contains some dangling reference (often the export file misses the connection between table/view operators and their own location). In that case we shall need to spend some time to set them up and if necessary we shall ask you what to set on those undetermined operators. This is a flaw of OWB and we need to work-over to fix it manually when necessary.

For the migration we require :

  • To reverse the patterns involved in the project we need the physical objects such as tables, views, materialized views, external tables, functions, procedures, etc. Hence, where possible, we need this user pattern as an export WITH NO DATA. Obviously, to import them we need to know if this dump is a DATA PUMP or a standard import file. We do not need the data, only the structure. Instead, we are interested in the flat files (we shall create them empty) using the information returned to us by the OWB to ODI Converter tool.

N.B.: To evaluate the cost of migration, only the MDL export of the OWB is required. It is not necessary to export the target design structures without the data. This export will be requested later, when we begin the real and proper migration stage.

During and after the migration we shall provide you with a file containing an explanation of what you need to set in the topology environment. Or, if necessary, we can provide it via the internet via vpn access. Finally, if you prefer to have your own naming convention for MODULES, LOGICAL NAME and CONTEXT we can arrange this step by step.

We await your communication regarding the method of sharing of the mdl file in order to supply the converted xml. For any doubts or further information we are available. Please, write to :