ODI Consulting Services

We are focused on Oracle Data Integrator (ODI is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements from high-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, to SOA-enabled data services), Oracle GoldenGate, Database Administration, Data Guard and RAC. Our service offerings include consulting services, education services, support services as well as product services. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and ensuring quality in all services that we deliver.

Some of our ODI services:

  • Install, design, customize and configure the Oracle Data Integrator
  • ODI repository administration
  • Export/Import
  • Agent administration
  • Handling concurrences
  • Load balancing
  • Web agent and ODI Console configuration
  • Topology configuration, physical, logical and contexts
  • Setting up projects
  • Analysis and development of ODI objects (interfaces, packages, etc.)
  • Knowledge Modules: definition, development and modification
  • Scenarios management
  • Data Quality and auditing
  • Change Data Capture
  • Design and development of flows for automating software deployment (SCM)
  • Security implementation
  • Versioning and Solution management
  • Developments using SDK API
  • Load Plans
  • ODI10 to ODI11 or ODI12 migration

We provide on-site and remote consultancy, training and support throughout the world.

We are offering you the option of creating a project - without charge - on ODI, which we will agree on together, to enable you to get to know us and our level of professionalism.

If you are interested in any of the listed services or you have any other task contact us: e-mail: dt.marketing@databtech.net Phone: +39 02 89500080 Mobile: +39 348 6979791

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